Our Send a Little Love campaign - encourage, learn, hope!


A great way to let our students know you care - for free! Everyone needs a little encouragement during these challenging times. We can all use some positive vibes and a little kindness. So, click here and send our students, all over the world, a little love! Thank you!


Great work, encouraging news, good hearts... my thoughts are with you

The International Educator - TIE

Dear Student,


I just want to say I am so proud of you and all the hard work you are doing in school and at home and with your studies. I know it's not easy and you are facing great challenges, but everything you are doing is making you stronger and giving you a bright future.


Please do not give up and believe in yourself. You are on a path to achieve your dreams and even though it sometimes gets hard, really hard, you continue to push through!


You deserve great things and I am praying for all those things for you!


Cindy Nagrath





The Principals' Training Center

Stay healthy, stay curious, and don't be afraid to share all of your wild and crazy ideas! That's how we learn and grow!! Happy learning!

Hope you’re a doing ok!!❤️

Principals' Training Center for Int'l School Leadership

Sending oceans of love and support to all our amazing COHP learners. What an honor to watch you grow, and learn and blossom these past 10 years. You will make a difference in the world! And we are all right here next to you , always.


Great job everyone!

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