The Children of Haiti and Refugee Projects (COHRP) is a private, non-profit corporation with the mission to bring strong and effective education and nutrition to some of the poorest children in Haiti and to the children of refugees in Africa, Jordan and Israel. 

Our programs are focused on providing education, healthcare and nutrition to deprived children in a framework optimized for results. We continue to seek out new areas of refugee children who are underserved and in need of support. 


Each of these programs will include a nutritional program to support the health and well-being of the children. These efforts are being funded by a major commitment of resources from TIE and the PTC, together with contributions from interested individuals, and international schools and organizations. Donate now to make a difference. 


For more information about our programs please contact us through our contact page, or reach out via email to




Children of Haiti Project (COHP)

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Tzimaon with a Hug

School for Eritrean Children


Preschool in Jordan

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Child Friendly Space

Palorinya, Uganda