Student Corner - Thank you Mr. Keith!

by Sarafina

Dear Mr. Keith,

My name is Sarafina, the school’s president. On behalf of all the students at COHP, I take the opportunity to thank you and all your family for giving us the chance through education to not be so poor like our grandparents and parents. They did not go to school not by choice but because their parents could not afford it. Most of them can’t read, write or even sign their name.

We want to let you know that because of you and your family some of us have already a future with the carpentry program. 3 of the boys help their family by making and selling little chairs, they are small entrepreneurs. My class is very good in Physics, Math, Biology and Chemistry. Now we are learning how to balance chemical equations.

Your family during this difficult time bought beds for us. We are very grateful and think that we are lucky because we don’t have that at our home. Some of us sleep on the floor.

We are very grateful for all your help.

We hope that everything goes well with your health. We are all praying for you. May God protect you and give you good health.



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