School and Shelter for COHP students

Special Challenges of 2019

During the summer of 2018, unrest started in the streets as the government revealed a 40% rise in fuel prices Riots started immediately and lasted for weeks. From that point on, Haiti has faced ongoing social upheaval that kept worsening and escalating into 2019.

The population took to the streets demanding to know where the fuel money had gone “Kot Kob Petro karibe a?”, revealing the deep corruption at every level of the government. Shortly thereafter a fuel shortage ensued leading to riots and demonstrations demanding the resignation of the president. These riots incited rampant gang violence, random killings, arson to most local businesses and food supply chains as well as kidnappings. This led to a food shortage and a significant rise in prices. The country went on what is now referred to as “Lockdown” for months.

Everyone was a hostage in their own home and everything came to a standstill. Transportation and day to day routines were impossible.

COHP closed its gates to the outside world, with only two support staff and our Director in-house, for 4 months, teaching all classes, and housing the children.

We were very fortunate to have the acquisition of an additional adjacent building. This enabled us to provide additional room and board for our students challenged by food security, and home situations. In these precarious times, this has been a haven for 93% of our students.

7 bathrooms, 7 bedrooms, 8 classrooms , 15 rooms total, 2 sports areas, 3 kitchens

COHP Report 2020
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