In Jordan today there are an estimated 320,000 displaced children of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan. 87% of these children live with their families outside of refugee camps, in impoverished urban areas, mostly in Amman.

The Jordanian Education system enables children of refugees to attend Jordanian schools from the age of 6. Unfortunately most children do not attend school due to lack of funds, language problems and the displacement trauma they have all experienced.

Preschool got off to a great start this year and, despite the lock down, activities have continued to ensure the children have high quality opportunities to learn and develop. Although the adapted program cannot reproduce all of the benefits of the physical preschool environment, it has been a vital resource for parents and children through these uncertain times, and the youth team at CRP is very proud of how much has been achieved with the children throughout this period. The preschool program is more important than ever for children who have been isolated due to Jordan’s lock down, and its current incarnation has been invaluable in providing learning opportunities for parents they otherwise would not have had that enable them to be more fully involved with their children’s social and educational learning outcomes.

COHRP has teamed up with an existing local non-profit organization called “CRP”– Collateral Repair Project, headed by Amanda Lane. CRP is situated in 2 community center buildings, serving 7,000 registered refugees living in Amman. Together we will create a Pre-School model classroom of at least 25 children, aged 3-6 years old, with the goal of academically preparing these children for the Jordanian school system , giving them a good start and helping them to be absorbed into the system. This will be done with Pre School and Displacement Trauma Specialists.                          

In this project COHRP will fund the classroom rent, the pre-school teacher and aide salary, the Displacement Trauma specialist salary, training costs of the local aide, meals, educational supplies and management fees. If donations allow it, we will try to duplicate this model classroom.

This project will be monitored by Dr. Ilana Amar Leshem, MD and Homeopath.

For more information, contact Ilana.


Preschool in Jordan with Collateral Repair Project