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Tzimaon for a Hug, Tel Aviv

School for Eritrean Refugee Children

From the beginning of July, we opened in Abu Gida a summer camp for Hebrew studies for children from first to fourth grade. Each class has 20 children and a total of 40 children. The Hebrew studies are taught by 4 instructors under the guidance of a professional teacher of Hebrew studies (professor who works at a university in Israel and the United States). Classes are held daily for four hours, with breaks. These studies take place alongside continuing to operate children for single mothers who do not have organized frameworks. There are about 30 children. In total the school is currently active for 70 children. During August, I hope we can have a summer camp that will include both Hebrew and experiential enrichment with .special activities, day trips and more, within the limits these days.

In the Tel Aviv area of Israel today, live thousands of children of asylum seekers mostly from Eritrea and Sudan. These children have parents who work very long hours (12-18 hours) and mostly don’t speak Hebrew. 

The children are accepted into the local Israeli educational system at the age of 6. But Because the parents work, all children are placed in pre-school classes, run privately by asylum seeking women in very poor conditions and surroundings.

There are an average of 60 children, aged 0-6 years old, in each of these groups, with 1 or 2 supervising adults, having no educational training or skills.


The children are undernourished, and extremely neglected. In the past year there have been a number of cases of toddlers suffocating on their food or a foreign object, due to lack of care.

On "Tzimaon" Project in Tel Aviv


COHRP has teamed up with an existing local non-profit organization “Tzimaon”, and is creating a pre-school class of 50 children aged 0-5, together with 10 older children (aged 6-10) for afternoon activities.                     

COHRP will be funding a trained Educational Teacher for pre-school years, together with a teacher’s assistant and an afternoon  local aide from the asylum seeking community. The children will receive 3 meals a day plus vitamins and supplements. COHRP will also fund Health insurance for all children in this classroom.

This template will be duplicated if the funds we succeed in raising allow us to create more pre-school classes.

This Pre School classroom will hopefully be up and running this summer (2019).


This project will be monitored by Dr. Ilana Amar Leshem, MD and Homeopath. She has already been involved in creating a Vitamin and Supplement plan for the Children of Haiti. 

For more information, contact Ilana.