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Children of Haiti &

Refugee Projects

COHRP's  programs are focused on providing education, healthcare and nutrition to refugee & migrant children worldwide.  Working with partners to give children safe places to learn, to grow and to hope.


Children of Haiti Project, Haiti

Started just after the earthquake, this program has grown to accommodate additional learners, family involvement, medical care and shelter in a dormitory.  The COHP students consistently excel in domestic and international academic evaluations. 

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IsraAID - Child Friendly Space, Uganda

This CFS partners with the local schools to provide a safe place for refugee children to learn in a very challenging environment.

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Collateral Repair Project -

Preschool in Jordan

The focus of this program is on family involvement in the education of the children and addresses cultural issues in acclimating students and families for life in Jordan and provides an education that allows an easy transition into the Jordanian school system.

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Tzimaon Abugida

School for Refuges - Israel

The Abugida School is located in Tel Aviv, Israel and provides education and support to children of Eritrean refugees.