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  1. This month we wanted to shine a light on our partner project with the charity Collateral Repair Project based in Amman, Jordan. CRP focuses on community-building, education, trauma relief and emergency aid, working with Jordanian families alongside other nationals feeling violence such as Sudanese, Somali and Yemeni refugee families as well as Iraqis and Syrians.
  2. Last September 2019 COHRP joined forces with CRP, funding a brand new preschool serving 22 children from Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian Jordanian backgrounds, the majority of whom are refugees due to war and displacement. Many of these children have faced traumatic experiences due to upheaval in their home countries, as well as the stress and uncertainty that comes with being a refugee in a host country.
  3. At the heart of the preschool is the desire for the children to learn to understand their difficult feelings and emotions and develop ways to manage these and build resilience and social skills. In addition, the aim of the year was to give the children the literacy and numeracy basics needed to to enter into formal kindergarten programs in Jordan. The CRP curriculum follows the Montessori approach which believes in ‘learning by doing’, and the year saw a range of exciting and fun educational activities such as designing and planting a mini ‘farm’ in the preschool garden and conducting science experiments.
  4. CLICK HERE to read CRP’s compelling annual report about the preschool’s first year, coping (and succeeding) in the face of the Covid pandemic, as well as the remarkable end of year assessment results.
  5. Because of you and your donations, these 22 children and their families have been part of a very special community for a whole year, learning much needed academic skills as well as having the opportunity to thrive in terms of social-emotional development. THANK YOU from us at COHRP and from the whole CRP team. Please consider continuing to support this incredibly valuable project. CLICK HERE to see items on the preschool’s wishlist.
  6. CLICK HERE to watch the preschool children and staff in acton (Video)