3 NEW PROGRAMS in 2015


Computer Literacy

The curriculum is based on keyboarding, access to research, writing and research tools, video editing, artwork, PowerPoint presentations, and general media editing.

English classes

At this early stage, the ESL classes focus on the acquisition of vocabulary and conversation. In the coming year the children will start practicing their English reading and writing skills.  

Sports program

This program entails soccer, basketball, aerobics and of inter-school tournaments. The sports curriculum also includes basic health and well being classes and guidance.  


other initiatives

Women’s 11-Month Sewing and Literacy Workshop

  • 3 Years of program
  • 40 Total graduates since 2012
  • 30 Enrolled in 2015
  • 3 Literacy hours per week
  • 6 Sewing hours per week
  • 3 Empowerment hours per week
  • 90% Graduates found work since 2012

Young Entrepreneur Program

The Literacy program students are simultaneously being taught skills to enhance their marketablity once they have their 6th grade certificate. In 2015 year we initiated Carpentry and Electricity workshops.