COHP Program Director


Dominique Pierre

Dominique Pierre was born to a middle class Haitian family and at a very young age, guided by her mother who wanted her to be aware of social differences around her, began community service in the Port-au-Prince city slums. This shaped her character and passion to serve the less fortunate in Haiti.

Educated in Haiti and the United States, she earned a graduate degree in multi-disciplinary education from Buffalo State University. She taught in the New York public school system for 3 years, and later moved back to Haiti in 1997, where she began her career at the International American School in Haiti, Union School, as a 6th grade teacher.

In 2003 she was appointed Middle School Coordinator while teaching MS math and science. Under her leadership students were encouraged to interact with their social environment, and she organized humanitarian themed field trips.

Among other activities the children were taken to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity, and USN Comfort Hospital Ship. Shortly after the earthquake Dominique was a key factor in getting COHP off the ground, and has found a passion in being the tireless COHP Program Director, and in dedicating herself to an underserved community.