Definition of "Community" by Rachelle

The definition of “Community” by one of the Children of Haiti Project students, Rachelle. The students were given an assignment to describe and illustrate their ideal community during a writing workshop. The teacher encouraged them to think about their own current community before, and address the needs as they saw them. Rachelle is 10 years old, and her work and description stood out exceptionally. 

“I would like to have a community where everyone lives very close to each other. I would place a lot of schools where people could become doctors and nurses. At the center of it, I will place, next to a park, a library where people can find lots of books to broaden their horizon, hospitals for the sick children, fountains with potable water……. for the adults I would  have a school to teach them how to read and write because they need to advance in life. I will build roads and place trash cans on each side of them”