Today we are splitting into two teams this morning.

Frank and Marie will be starting teacher interviews, going to the bank and looking at uniform possibilities.

John and Jacqueline will be going to the chosen house to seal the deal, meet with a lawyer and draw up a contract.

Yesterday the team started out with determined energy and set forth to find a site. Luc-Marie, whom we met the day before showed up with a giant smile and ready to show us 6 sites, which varied in location, type and size. We thought we had about 4 hours of Luc-Marie’s time, but it turns out we were together for over 12 hours!

We started by heading to the St. Martin area which sits at the center of the about 5 rather rough and extremely poor neighborhoods. As we drove through, Frank and John commented on the level of poverty which had no name.

We were welcomed by a few community leaders who showed us around, and showed us which part of the field we could potentially occupy. One of the main problems with that field was that it is owned by the government, and would have to be shared with other organizations that were already present.

We then moved on to visit a house and a few more fields.

Finally we arrived at a house which is brand new, still being finished, and extremely solid. For all intents and purposes, to start off the project for the first year or two, the house seems perfect.

The ritual of negotiations started, and took a few hours, and finally we seem to have come to an agreement that we will seal today, “si dieu vle” as they say here. (God willing). Stay tuned for the outcome later on today!