Money Goes 1

What your donation will provide...


Meal plan for one day for one child: 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 snack with vitamins  


Deparasitation of one child for a year


Meal plan for one week for one child: 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 vitamin snack

Money Goes 2


A set of 3 uniforms for one child for the school year 


Potable drinking water for all the children one month    


Library and school books for 5 children for one year

Money Goes 3


Sponsors carpentry workshop and materials for vocational skills for 15 Literacy Program children for two months


Immunization for 8 children for one year to keep them healthy against prevalent diseases 


Sponsorship for one child’s education, after school activities, books, uniforms, shoes, meal plan and health care for one year

Become a Patron


Become a Sponsor


Become a Sponsors of COHP for an annual donation of $1000 and above. This entitles you to mention in our publications, receipt of all newsletters, and the eternal gratitude of 65 wonderful Haitian children who need your help.




$1700 covers the cost for one Literacy Program child for a full year. This includes a full education, complete health care, daily meal plan and vocational workshops.  




$2500 covers the cost for one child in the core program for a full year. This includes a full progressive education, complete health care, daily meal plan, activities, special programs and tutors leading the child to high school and beyond. 

Our Pledge

It is the pledge and commitment of all involved in this project that 100% of all financial resources will be applied directly and solely to services for the program's children. No donated funds are allocated to administrative costs. Travel to Haiti, meeting costs and other necessary expenses to continue this effort are paid for by TIE (The International Educator), the travelers themselves or through in-kind contributions from individual benefactors of COHP.

We are seeking broad support from private or public agencies, individuals and associations to educate as many of Haiti's poorest children as we can.


The agency, OSAC (Overseas Schools Assistance Corporation), is a Massachusetts charitable corporation with 501(c)3 status from the US Internal Revenue Service, and the umbrella organization for TIE and The PTC. A new, segregated account has been established for COHP at the Cape Cod Cooperative Bank in Yarmouthport, Mass. USA. 

All contributors in the United States will receive an acknowledgment and confirmation of the tax deductible status of their contribution under United States IRS regulations.