the COHP curriculum


the COHP curriculum


“Our curriculum is adapted to not only strengthen our students’ knowledge and bond them to their own culture, but also opens avenues for them to explore the outside world”

- Dominique Pierre, Program Director -


Core Program

Core Program

This program provides 50 children ages 8-11 a full formal educational program, five days a week in a safe, clean environment through the language of Creole. These children are in school from 7:30am to 3:00pm. Upon arrival they receive breakfast, and at midday a hot lunch.

Literacy Program

This program serves cohorts of children who have never attended school and are illiterate. The goal of the Literacy Program is for each child to achieve literacy in Creole and French at least to the 6th grade level.

Other Programs


Program Schedule:

Five day Schedule

Students arrive at 7:30 a.m. when they are served breakfast and receive instruction until 3:00 p.m, including lunch.



The Virginia Curriculum  has been adapted to the Haitian National Curriculum to strengthen and serve as the standard for both the Core and the Literacy Programs with a focus on the essential skills of reading and writing, peaking and listening as well as numeracy. These skills include:



- Concepts of print, alphabetic principle
- Letter identification and formation
- Phonemic awareness
- Phonics
- Comprehension strategies
- Vocabulary development
- Grammar



- Idea development
- Formation of letters
- Grammar, usage, mechanics, punctuation and spelling
- Word choice



- Numeration to include counting, number formation, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
- Patterns (Algebraic thinking)
- Geometry
- Measurement
- Money
- Problem Solving


Other Activities:

- Read alouds, mentor texts
- Small group and large group discussions around texts
- Question formation and question response
- Oral and daily independent reading
- Daily writing
- Practical math problem solving around daily Haitian life
- Cooperative structures to promote critical thinking