Program Schedule:

Five day Schedule

Students arrive at 7:30 a.m. when they are served breakfast and receive instruction until 3:00 p.m, including lunch.



The Virginia Curriculum  has been adapted to the Haitian National Curriculum to strengthen and serve as the standard for both the Core and the Literacy Programs with a focus on the essential skills of reading and writing, peaking and listening as well as numeracy. These skills include:



- Concepts of print, alphabetic principle
- Letter identification and formation
- Phonemic awareness
- Phonics
- Comprehension strategies
- Vocabulary development
- Grammar



- Idea development
- Formation of letters
- Grammar, usage, mechanics, punctuation and spelling
- Word choice



- Numeration to include counting, number formation, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
- Patterns (Algebraic thinking)
- Geometry
- Measurement
- Money
- Problem Solving


Other Activities:

- Read alouds, mentor texts
- Small group and large group discussions around texts
- Question formation and question response
- Oral and daily independent reading
- Daily writing
- Practical math problem solving around daily Haitian life
- Cooperative structures to promote critical thinking